Carson W. Beard for Clerk of the Circuit Court



I was born and raised in Culpeper. I went to school here and was a part of the first graduating class of Eastern View High School. The majority of my family has also lived here their entire lives. My grandfather, George P. Beard, Jr., served as Delegate for this area from 1978-1988.


After graduating Eastern View, I went to James Madison University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies. Then I went to work part-time with the Town of Culpeper as a park attendant.

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After my part-time job, I began working at the Clerk’s Office in 2014. I started out as a Deputy Clerk in the courtroom and gained incredible knowledge. That is where I really fell in love with the office. In 2020, I became the Chief Deputy Clerk and began a more supervisory role. It was so rewarding working with the other clerks and trying to develop new, efficient ways of dealing with the workload and better serving the citizens. One idea is the current way that our Term Day is handled during COVID-19. On January 1, 2021, I became the interim Clerk after the previous Clerk, Janice J. Corbin retired. I am more than capable of running the office and I believe no one can better serve the citizens of Culpeper County in the position than someone who has been in the office.



I don’t want for this position to be political, because it should never be. I want to serve all the citizens of Culpeper County, not just one party or the other. The only thing I have ever wanted was to serve the community, the whole community. I want to increase our ability to better serve the community through greater and easier access to the office, including improvement in technology. I have always pushed the need for greater access, since I started as a Deputy Clerk. We have made large strides in the right direction and I know how to continue on the path towards this access.



One of the first things I plan to do is take the office fileless, which means scanning every document in and having it digitized. The next task would be to implement E-filing with the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES) using the Virginia Judiciary E-Filing System (VJEFS). This would allow electronic filing of many civil cases, thus increasing efficiency. Another key component is implementing online payments of costs through the Virginia Judiciary Online Payment System (VJOPS), which I have previously contacted OES about launching in the Culpeper Circuit Court.


I would also like to get more information to the public about our office. One potential way of doing this would be to increase our presence on the County and Commonwealth’s webpage for the Culpeper Circuit Court. We could also create our own webpage to provide citizens more information on the functions of our office while also providing them with important links to forms they may need to fill out, depending on what type of business they are there for. In the end, it’s all about streamlining this vast wealth of information in order for the citizens to be better served.


I think it is very important to have good communication and I want to increase this communication between the agencies we work with and with the Clerks around the area. We all have a job to do and it is important that we understand how each office (Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff, Town Police, Virginia State Police, etc) operates and how we in the Clerk’s office can better serve the citizens. A lot of times, certain issues can be confusing and working closely with these other agencies will allow more information to be effectively communicated to the public. Also, there may be times where a citizen may need to interact with another Clerk’s Office. If we are similar in the way we operate, then it will also allow for a smoother process for the public.


There is a defined system in which these applications are processed. Once the Clerk’s Office receives the application, we immediately send the application to the Sheriff’s Office, with cover sheets, to conduct a background check. After that check is completed, the Sheriff’s Office then forwards the application to the Commonwealth’s Attorney. The Commonwealth’s Attorney then reviews the application to check the applicant’s eligibility. Finally, the fully executed cover sheets with the application are returned to our office. When they are returned, they then go to the Court for review and the Court will either approve it or deny it. This is how the Court directs us to handle the CHPs. If the application is approved, we then further process the application to generate the actual permit. The permits are signed and mailed to the applicant. By law, we have 45 days to get the permits out once the application is received. This 45 days is divided between the 3 offices.


If you would like to donate to my campaign, you can mail a check payable to “Carson Beard for Clerk of Circuit Court” to:

410 Spring St. Apt 102

Culpeper, VA 22701

I would like to extend a large thank you to everyone that has supported me thus far. I could not do this without the support of each and everyone of you.  You are the ones that make this possible.